Solar PV Systems are available in several different design options.
The basic components of a Solar system are:

  1. 72 cell active panels
  2. Inverter
  3. Battery
  4. Solar PV Modules converts sunlight into electricity. These are available in different sizes, efficiency and power ratings.

We only supply panels from the Top Tier manufacturers – these are the largest global manufacturers, AND have the best quality rating as per independent survey by Bloomberg.

Inverters receives electricity from Solar PV modules and converts that electricity from DC to AC.Inverters differ based on function and output (size). There are 4 basic types of inverters (and this determines the type of system)

  • Hybrid
  • Grid Tied
  • Bi-Directional
  • Off Grid

Batteries stores electricity for use at a later stage, either during power outage, or when Solar Power is not sufficient. Batteries are available in many different options based on capacity, lifespan, efficiency, durability & cost.

Typical batteries used in Solar Deepcycle applications are:

  • Lithium Ion
  • AGM Gel

We will assist in advising the best battery solution for you based on your individual requirements

Below is typical example of power consumption and Solar Power generation

  • Typical power usage peaks in the morning & evening.
  • Solar generation peaks in the middle of the day.

This could result in a mismatch between Solar Power generation and power usage. If the Solar generation is less than the consumption, all the Solar Power will be used instantaneously.

If the power generation from the solar is more than usage, batteries are used to store solar power during the day and use that stored power during the night.

Depending on the size of the solar system vs consumption, Selecting the right system or you:

  • Do you want Solar with battery back-up: Hybrid
  • Do you want Solar Power during day and night: Hybrid
  • Can you feed power into the Grid (use the grid as battery): Grid Tied
  • Do you only want Solar Power during the day: small Grid Tied
  • Is the majority of your consumption during the day: small Grid Tied OR Hybrid